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Hands off Hungary!
2012. január 16. hétfő, 21:00

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Hands off Hungary!

Appeal to the international community and to all Hungarians

Élőlánc Magyarországért (Human Chain for Hungary), a grassroots movement, rejects all attempts of foreign interference in Hungarian domestic politics, objects to the unrestrained media campaign and the financial-political attacks against our country, and stands up to protect Hungarian sovereignty. At the same time, it is calling on the whole Hungarian nation to engage in a dialogue about matters of vital national interest.

Over the past few weeks an overall financial and political offensive was unleashed against Hungarian sovereignty. The clear objective is to provoke a regime change through sovereign default or a coup d’etat. The onslaught seeks to force Hungary to abandon her efforts to repair economic sovereignty and break out of debt slavery, much of it a legacy of the Communist era, and ultimately to return to colonial status. The unparalleled international campaign of calumnies and political blackmail aim to isolate and force Hungary into submission.

We find it unacceptable that others wish to decide for us who should lead our country and how we should conduct our own lives. The ultimate decision-making power over our laws and the Constitution belongs to us, Hungarians.

Thus, we strongly advise all interest groups and entities that threaten our sovereignty and democracy: hands off Hungary!

We invite the Hungarian government to open an honest dialogue with society about matters of national interest and to take steps to broaden the institutions of direct democracy. Only such policies can provide Hungarians with reassuring guarantees of long-term internal stability.

We support the policy of protecting Hungary’s sovereignty. We appeal to all patriotic Hungarians who hold dear the nation’s interest to take a stance to protect Hungarian independence.

This joint message of Hungarian civic organizations will be delivered at an event to be held at the 1956 Memorial at Kossuth tér in Budapest at 15.00 hours on Saturday, 14 January 2012. Copies of their statements will subsequently be sent to relevant embassies and Hungarian public figures.


Budapest, 10 January, 2012.



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